Monday, August 18, 2008

What a Loot!

This weekend was “tax free weekend” in Texas. That means all clothing and school supplies have not tax! Awesome, I know! So, of course I took full advantage of this situation.

We headed over to the awesome Round Rock premium outlets. We made out with some great deals, but the highlight of my trip was Dallin’s reaction to the Burberry outlet. Burberry has beautiful bags, clothes, etc, but they are designer so of course incredibly expensive. I was looking at 2 different $2000 jackets (not to buy, just to look). They were really similar, the main difference being one had a hood and the other didn’t. Anyway, so I ask Dallin which one he liked best and his response was “hmmm…I think I like the one with the hood in case it starts to rain”. You have to remember we were looking at designer coats (not rain panchos), and of course Dallin bases his decision on which one will keep me dry. I love that about my husband, no matter how many times I ask him “does this look good on me?” or “which pair of plain black shoes do you like best?” he always has an answer that makes sense, even when I’m not looking for the practical answer. He tries and I love that about him!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Yummy, yum-yum

My new obsession is Sprite it!