Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hello Utah...and Michael Scofield..Yowza!

Yea! We are back in Utah and get to see all of our wonderful family and friends that we have missed so much. However, we will really miss our family and friends in Austin.

Dallin started school on Tuesday and is looking forward to graduating in April. Finally! National Instruments made him an offer so we may be ready back to Austin for good...who knows!

And most importantly, I have yet another new obsession.....PRISON BREAK! My wonderful father-in-law got us hook. In the past week we have watched 11/2 seasons. Each season has 22 45-minute do the math...we've wasted a lot of time. Now that school started we will have to slow down. I also have to admit I have a small (to say the least) crush on Michael Scofield. Sure, he's not as brawny has his brother Linc, but I've always been a sucker for the brainy guys.