Thursday, November 13, 2008

I was tagged twice...and since it was the same tag-thingy, I decided it was fate and better get with it!!

8 Favorite TV Shows
*The Office
*Jon and Kate plus 8
*The Hills
*Anything on Food Network
*Any realty show
*....movies that are on TV
*I've watched 1 episode of Chuck and laughed a lot (Thanks Charity and James)

8 Favorite Restaurants
(not in order, I can't pick favorites...I love you all!)
*Cafe Rio
*Lonestar Steakhouse
*Sonic (for drink runs)
*Firehouse Pizza
*Red Robin

8 Things that happened yesterday
* Pilates
* made chocolate chip pancakes
* went to work
* didn't clean my house
* watched seinfeld
* spent a rare night with Dallin with no homework
* finally got the mail after going 2 weeks without a mail key
* listened to my new Christmas CD

8 Things I'm looking forward to
* Seeing the new James Bond movie tomorrow
* Thanksgiving Break
* Heather's choir concert
* 3 year anniversary next week
* knowing where we will be living in 6 months
* BYU vs UTAH football game
* getting my hair cut/colored on Saturday
* finishing painting our house

8 Things on my wishlist
since this is a wishlist, I can be extreme, right?
* a garage
* longer hair
* the streets to be made of water and we use boats instead of cars
* no snow in 2009
* a (full) closet bigger than my house
* Ice cream that is good for you!
* fingers that never get cold
* a glass of diet strawberry limeade that never gets empty

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yes, I saw High School Musical 3 and yes, I loved it. I giggled like a school girl the whole time.

High School Musical 3

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Monday, November 3, 2008


Happy Halloween! So, this year our Halloween was pretty low key. I have been sick for the past 2 weeks and didn't spend one minute thinking of a creative costume, or any costume at all. We had some family and friends over and ate lots of good food, and watched some Halloween classics (Hocus Pocus never gets old) Linds with her very "Martha Stewart" bone bread sticks.

...and Heather enjoying them.

The Prayer Hat...don't ask..

Leah with Mom, Briann, and Megan!