Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Sorry I've been stranger to the blogging world. People have been asking for new pictures...so here are the most recent ones I have.

So, the best news right now is that Dallin just finished his second to last semester at BYU! After a few months of job searching (which really was pure torture) Dallin had several offers all over the US and after much thought and prayer Dallin has accepted a job with Solution Stream in American Fork, UT. The final decision was really between that offer and National Instruments in Austin, TX where we had our internship. Although we would rather be living in Texas, the offer in American Fork was too good to pass up. Dallin also has a few other projects/businesses that he has started here in Utah and we didn't want to leave those behind. There are lots of things here in Utah that we would be sad to leave behind....For one, our townhouse. It seems like I finally have it just how I like it. Another of course is the family we have here. All of Dallin's immediate family is in Utah and most of my extended family is here. And of course, my 3 sisters, 1 brother, 1 sister-in-law, and a niece all within 10 minutes of our house!

Anyway, I guess you can call us Utards. For now at least. I doubt Utah will be our home forever, but we're here for now. By the way, I've been craving some good tex-mex (mmm....Chuy's...) and I can't find any good tex-mex in Utah County. So, since we won't be moving to Texas I need some suggestions!!!

Last Home BYU Football game

I know I look awesome...or like white trash...you decide