Friday, June 18, 2010

Ode to Avery

Avery, Aves, Missy Mae, A-town, Ry-ry. She is our little sweetheart.

She poses for pictures, such a ham. She loves her swimsuit. She finds it in her dresser, waves it at me, and pulls on her clothes to take them off.

She loves to read.

She loves to make her sister laugh. I sometimes put her in the pack n' play while I get ready and she loves to do this. Isabella thinks it is hilarious, and so do I.

She loves walks. As soon as she is in the stroller she sticks her fingers in the two little holes that the crossbar hooks into. They typically stay there the entire walk.

She looks more like her mom everyday, what do you think?
She is very independent. She likes to feed herself and likes to play with toys on the floors by herself, but every few minutes she looks up at me just to make sure I'm still there and smiles.
I love this little girl.


Briann said...

what a sweetie, you are so blessed to have such cute girls and such good babies! Love you guys :)

Nan said...

What a doll! And, did I mention how great you look? I thought that when I saw you at Maria's shower. Way to go.

Lindsay Anne said...

avery is so dang CUTE.

you guys went to maria's shower? wish I woulda known. Definitely woulda gone with you.

Natalie said...

Avery is so beautiful. And yes, I think you two look just alike. I hope you are well Megan. I'm excited to see you at the reunion.

Larsen Party 24/7 said...

i love that pic of her in the pack and play, hilarious! and that pic of her in bathing suit on the boat is sooo cute. love your long hair meg!

Brittany Noelle Scott said...

Megan I'm so glad you posted a comment on my blog! I didn't know you had a blog and now I can stay up to date. :) don't baby yet. Hopefully sometime this week since I'm due tomorrow. Are you still in your condo? I dropped off a card but wasn't sure if you'd get it.

Andrea said...

A friend directed me to you blog. Just found out we are pregnant with our second, which actually turns out to be TWINS. TERRIFIED. Your girls are cute and it's nice to see other moms do it, look cute doing it and actually remain sane.