Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Child Prodigy!

My girls are master pianists already! They didn't even need a lesson!

Although, Isabella likes to climb on the keyboard more than anything.

Which really irritates Avery.

Speaking of climbing... Isabella is a climbing machine! She climbs on anything and everything. Pretty sure she gets this from her dad. He could climb out of his crib by the time he was 1! She is getting really fast at climbing the stairs. She is so squirmy that it's almost impossible to change her diaper. Hence, her pajamas are not buttoned. And she is so strong! Isabella had RSV a couple weeks ago (Avery had it the next week, long couple weeks, glad it's over) and the strong, male doctor and myself could not hold her down to check her ears, we had to call in a nurse for help.
She pulls herself up on everything. Including her sister's face. Yes, if Avery is lying down, Isabella will crawl her way over and use Avery's face as a boost to stand up. If' I'm not giving her enough attention she crawls over and pulls herself up on my leg. It's really the sweetest thing in the world.


Eddie and Amber said...

I love Avery's face when Isabella is climbing over the piano....tattle tail., do you see this? They are so cute! Hope your having fun chasing them around.

The Pope Family said...

I am in love with your girls. I can't tell you how pretty they are...although I'm pretty sure you are already aware of that!

Briann said...

They are so so cute!

Lindsay Anne said...

haha oh man i love those girls