Monday, March 1, 2010

March Is Upon Us!

Yipee! Spring starts in 21 days which is one season closer to SUMMER! This summer will be particularly wondrous. I spent the first half of last summer hugely pregnant and on bedrest. Then of course the second half of the summer was consumed by 2 tiny little babies. So, I spent zero time outdoors. Such a shame, Utah has incredible summers! I couldn't limit it to 10, so here is my list of the 11 best things of summer 2010.

1. Boating. Every Saturday. Everyone is invited!

2. Sunbathing. I know it's really terrible for me, but I love it.

3. 4th of July. My favorite holiday. Oh yeah, fireworks are pretty sweet too.

4. Fruit! Strawberries, cantaloupe, peaches, cherries, watermelon, and although it's not a fruit, it still deserves to be mentioned, corn on the cob.

5. My family coming to Utah. My parents and siblings that are still at home always make a trip to Utah in July. We have been doing it for 25+ years.

6. For those of you that get excited for boots and scarfs... Blah! Boots and scarfs and suck it! It's all about sandals and sun dresses.

7. Looooong Days

8. My Brother-In-Law, Jon, comes home from his mission. Everyone says this, but I can't believe he has been gone for 2 years

9. Long walks OUTDOORS! I go to the Orem rec center and walk around the indoor track, but I'm really tired of looking at those brown walls and the smell of sweat.

10. Grilling. Grilling is awesome.

11. The ice cream truck. Those magical notes make my heart beat every time.


Nan said...

How about floating the Lazy River at Seven Peaks? Your little ladies would love that. I agree, I love Utah summers and I'm excited to see your family.

Sheri said...

Yeah for March - I can have a baby this month. And yes - I'm looking forward to summer, all those things!!!

Charity said...

mmmm so happy. so much looking forward to all those things. speaking of fireworks - we should take our cute babies to the orem owlz game on Pioneer day and watch the fireworks show after. you game?

Briann said...

your too funny! I can't wait for summer either! I am SOOO an AZ girl. You forgot to mention cute babies in cute swimsuits playing and splashing in the water. I hope we are still here so our babies can play together!