Thursday, March 11, 2010

cutie patooties

Boy, I love these girls! Aren't they cute!!

Typically Avery Faces
Isabella being her silly self. She loves to eat her socks...gross, I know.
Now that Isabella is mobile, it's hard to get a picture of both of them together. Here's what happens when I try.


Charity said...

oh my goodness. these pictures are incredibly adorable. your girls are getting so big!

Nan said...

Wow, what fun pictures. They tell it like it is. If you come to the reunion I think I'll be able to tell which one is Avery and which is Isabella. YEA!

Camille said...

ohhhh- i am so excited for my twins to come! i love looking at pics of yours- they really are cutie patooties! sounds like you're having a fun time with them!

Lindsay Anne said...

they are sooo cute. I swear it never gets old googling over them.

ashley said...

You're girls are so cute! I bet you are so busy having fun!